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Vacation Bible School FAQs

faqsVacation Bible School is one of the most  important outreach programs your church will host this summer.  Here are some ideas from other children’s ministers in Arkansas and beyond to help you organize your VBS.

Q.  How do I choose my curriculum?

A.  As people from the United Methodist faith tradition, there are certain basic beliefs we uphold and therefore look for in any curriculum we write or purchase.  Click on the link below for a 1 page overview of United Methodist beliefs.

United Methodist Beliefs

Q.  Help!  I’m the director of our VBS this summer.  What do I need to do?

A.  Breathe!  Being a director is a big responsibility but there are lots of resources out there to help.  If you have borrowed oe purchased a starter’s kit from a commercially  produced curriculum, there will be a director’s manual included.  This often will provide a step by step to-do list of what to do when.

  • Here’s a brief online article to get you started:

  • Here’s a sample planning guide and timeline for you to download and use.


  • Here’s a copy of the VBS Director’s Workshop outline we use for VBS trainings around the state that will give you some ideas of questions you and your VBS team will need to address as you plan.

VBS Directors Workshop

Q.  Those giant sets that are on all the VBS Videos are cool but there’s no way we could afford to do all that in our tiny church.  What can we do?

One of the easiest ways to capture the imagination of children is through decorating the church and creating a themed environment.  It doesn’t need to be expensive.

  • Here are two handouts from one of our our conference VBS wokshops about inexpensive alternatives for crafts and decorating,

VBS Crafts and Decorating Workshop

VBS Decorating tips

  • One word.  Pinterest.  Here’s a link to our Arkansas Conference Pinterest page.  It has LOTS of decorating ideas for the different publisher’s VBS themes.

  • Share with another church in your area that is using the same VBS theme that you are.

Q.  About Safe Sanctuaries…we have tons of volunteers for Vacation Bible School every year.  Do we REALLY have to do background checks and that whole Safe Sanctuary process on every single one of them?

Yes!  This may seem as though it’s a bunch of extra work for just a one week event, but our children and volunteers both need and deserve the protection that Safe Sanctuaries provides year ’round; not just part of the year.


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