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Mission: Cuba – Los Niños


Los Niños (The Children)

Many people in the Arkansas Conference have supported Nechi Fullerton’s (FUMC-Little Rock) mission journey to Holguin, Cuba to share God’s amazing love with the children there.  Whether you did this through curriculum donations, craft supplies or prayers, THANK YOU!  This trip never would have been possible without our Arkansas friends.

Please continue to pray that God’s love will be manifest in the hearts of the children and their families as a spirit of revival sweeps across the land!

On this page, we see some the children engaged in faith formation activities under the guidance of their pastors.

Click HERE to go to page 1 where we see some of the architecture, customs and celebrations of this island nation.

Click HERE to go to page 3 where we talk about Arkansas’ involvement with Volunteers in Mission and our ongoing project to build housing for seminary students in Havana.

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Orando  (Praying)

Lord, listen to your children praying.  Send us Love!  Send us Power!  Send us Grace!

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Bailando (Dancing)

Liturgical dancing is a very important part of worship in Cuba.12109159_10154295297323206_1432716818054082907_n













En los brazos de su pastor. (In the arms of her pastor)


Niños jugando a Biblia de Arkansas 

(Children playing Bible games from Arkansas)

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Haciendo símbolos de la fe. (Making symbols of faith.)

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