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Sample Forms


Here is a checklist to help you as you are writing Safe Sanctuary® policies for your local congregation.

The needs and resources of local congregations vary significantly and therefore local policies and procedures designed to accomplish these things will and should differ. This checklist is intended as a resource for topics to consider when drafting a local church policy, and not as a substitute for reasonable decision making with the guidance of clergy and local legal counsel.

A Checklist for Creating Your Own Safe Sanctuary


Here are three sample documents that can serve as a guide when writing the section of you Safe Sanctuary® policy that deals with people who are accused and convicted offenders in the life of your congregation.

Policy Statement for Including Accused and Convicted Offenders in Congregational Life

Policy Statement – RSO

Accused but Not Convicted of Sexually Related Crime – Limited Access Participation Covenant

Covenant – accused of crime

Registered Sex Offenders – Limited Access Participation Covenant

Covenant – RSO


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