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SafeSanctuaries_BlueButton[WEB]Welcome to the Safe Sanctuary® section of the Arkansas Conference Children’s Ministry website.

 As a conference, we are committed to the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of everyone God has entrusted into our care – including children, youth and vulnerable adults.

As such, we strive to provide educational resources to assist local congregations in the recruitment, training and supervision of leaders who work with these populations.


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More information may also be found in this brochure.  SS Resources18


“Our research consistently shows that how a church treats children is one of the keys to drawing and retaining new families.  Sadly, churches expose themselves to all kinds of potential problems by failing to screen the people who will have contact with and responsibility for the children of strangers during church events.  There is a level of trust that newcomers as well as long-time members place in the capacity of a church to provide comprehensive care for their children.” – George Barna

Sample Safe Sanctuary® Policy for Local Congregations

Sample Forms





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Arkansas Conference Safe Sanctuary® Resolution

Safe Sanctuary® Resolution adopted by the 2014 Arkansas Annual Conference Whereas, Jesus said, “Whoever welcomes [a] child . . . welcomes me”(Matthew 18:5). Children are our present and our future, our hope, our teachers, our inspiration. They are full participants in the life of the church and in the realm of God. God calls us …

Arkansas Law

The Law Below are the Arkansas laws regarding child abuse and abuse of impaired adults. For free public access to the Arkansas Code, provided by the Bureau of Legislative Research, click the link below: Laws Regarding Child and Adult Maltreatment There are laws designed to reduce the incidence of child and adult maltreatment and …

Background Check forms

In addition to other screening requirements, criminal and maltreatment checks should be run on all staff and volunteers who will be working in direct contact with children, youth or impaired adults. 1.  A check with a background check service provider or the Arkansas State Police. (copy of the ASP form below) AR State Police Background …

Impaired Adults

Impaired Adults   Book Recommendation Safe Sanctuaries®: The Church Responds to Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation of Older Adults Joy Thornberg Melton (Author) ISBN13:  9780881776133 In this Safe Sanctuaries® resource, Joy Thornburg Melton, an attorney and a minister, offers valuable, practical advice to help churches reduce the possibilities for abuse and exploitation of elders. Buy it …

Internet Safety

Recommended Resources Book Recommendation Safe Sanctuaries in a Virtual World Joy Thornberg Melton, Michelle Foster (Authors) ISBN13:  9780881776300 SAFE SANCTUARIES IN A VIRTUAL WORLD is a practical, easy to navigate book designed to assist leaders in safely and responsibly using different types of technology into daily ministry. Buy it at Buy it at Cokesbury …

Possible Indicators of Maltreatment

Possible Indicators of Child Maltreatment  From:  

Responding to Suspected Maltreatment

Responding to Suspected Maltreatment The church should never ignore or tolerate suspected child or adult maltreatment. A. What to do When Maltreatment is Suspected Whenever maltreatment is witnessed, reasonably suspected by, or reported to Staff, Adult Volunteers or Youth Volunteers, they should: 1. Treat the allegation seriously and with respect for everyone involved. 2. Immediately …

Safe Sanctuaries® Posters

Our Arkansas Conference Safe Sanctuary® resolution and guidelines indicate that local churches need to Assist the development of awareness and self-protection skills for children and youth and Advise children and youth of an agency or a person outside as well as within the local church whom they can contact for advice and help if they …

Safety Signs and Posters

Here are some safety signs and posters for you to use in your ministry.   Code_Adam_Poster  (PDF version)                     Here are just a few of the free printable signs you can use in your ministry from the website Automated_External_Defibrillator_Sign Danger Danger_Chemical_Hazard (1) Danger-AlarmDoor (2) Danger-AlarmDoor …

Sample Allergy Plan and Forms

Because the Arkansas Conference seeks to provide a safe environment for all children in our care, the following Allergy Awareness Policy and Action Plan is suggested for all congregations to address and respond to the wide-ranging allergies and allergic reactions common among children.  PDF Documents Allergy Awareness Policy and Action Plan – PDF Child Health …

Writing Policies

Writing Policies Is your church writing or revising its Safe Sanctuary® policy? Here are links to a recommended book and to the General Board of Discipleship page on Safe Sanctuaries®.  For a checklist and some sample forms, go to the “Sample Forms” part of this section of our website. Book Recommendation If you could purchase …