Mission: CUBA! The Mission Expanded






Q.  Where in the world is the Methodist church experiencing some of the the fastest church growth?

If you answered CUBA, you are correct!


Did you know that Arkansas has has a missional presence in Cuba for many years?  To find out more, check out the following pages on this ARUMCkidz site.

Click HERE to go to page 1 where we see some of the architecture, customs and celebrations of this island nation.

Click HERE to go to page 2 where we feature the children engaged in faith formation activities.

Click HERE to go to page 3 where we talk about Arkansas’ involvement with Volunteers in Mission and our ongoing project to build housing for seminary professors in Havana.

Curious and interested in learning more about how to become involved in this exciting ministry?

Watch our YouTube video HERE.

Contact Nechi Fullerton (First UMC-Little Rock) for more information,  nefullerton@yahoo.com



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